Half a Century of Creative Photography


The Fluid Figure


A slide presentation that ran during “The Fluid Figure” exhibition at  the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA. Accompanied by Bill  Evans “Peace Piece.”  The Fluid Figure – Video 

That Girl in the Mirror – NPR blog


Sarah, shown in this image, says she felt "ugly" in her pregnant body.  While taking this photo, she says, she felt almost graceful. Who is that Girl in the Mirror

Water Diviner: Interview with Michael Seif


Questions and answers provide insights about Seif’s background and his photography. Michael Seif Interview

Photographing the Naiads - Island Journal


A folio that was published at the same time as “The Merry Naiads” show  at the Archipelago Fine Arts Gallery, Rockland, ME. Included is an essay  presenting the point of view of the models. Photographing the Naiads

The Fluid Figure – Book


A book of photographs that includes many of the photos that appeared in  “The Fluid Figure” exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography,  Winchester, MA. The Fluid Figure 

Nudes for Valentines Day


A Wyoming newspaper article describes Seif’s method of photographing the  figure, when his photographs won first place in the juried CIAO Gallery  show, “Naturally Nude,” in Jackson, WY. Nudes for Valentines Day