Half a Century of Creative Photography



"I Become You"

“Seif’s underwater portrait of two bodies coming together is overwhelmingly sensual; an image of graceful movement where the human figure is presented in a fantasy world as an unidentified watery organism. Changing the perspective as he composes his photographs, Seif is able to hold the light present at that moment to reveal the specifics of a quickly altering event.”
Artscope (Sept & Oct, 2011) review of Copley Society of Art “Then & Now: The Enduring Allure of Light in Photography”


"We Two"

“Michael Seif’s work in this exhibition is ... evocative, displayed in his portraits of women experiencing the whim and weightlessness of nudity in bodies of water. There is something completely liberating in the way Seif captures human creatures in the unpretentious beauty of nature. His work is alive and raw, gracefully playing with both the vulnerability, and strength of the human form.”
Shaw Gallery, Northeast Harbor ME Description in "Cafe des Artistes Studio Guide"

“Seif takes a careful approach to his work to combine compositional elements, water, light and motion to create a rich and dynamic piece. He photographs the figure in water ‘to convey the beauty and grace of the human being in motion…in water, surface swirls and glinting sunlight are telltale signs of motion, revealing an active, living creature of nature.’ By photographing from above, Seif allows the viewer to see the interaction of the subjects from a different perspective. The figures appear to ‘soar, fall, dance, weave in and out of each other's paths…they become schools of fish, or falling angels, a corps de ballet, or a whole other organism comprised of multiple bodies.”
The Lexington Art League, Lexington KY  Show Walk Through Notes


"Layers of Memory"

“I’ve never seen [something like] that! I love it.”
Bob Mueller, Salmagundi Club Curator, when selecting “Layers of Memory” for the November 2010 Barebrush Calendar.